Getting Fetch

You can add Fetch to your existing or new internet service with an unlimited data plan. 

Choose from the Mini or the Mighty to watch Free-to-Air TV, access your favourite apps, enjoy movies to buy or rent and so much more. The Mighty also allows you to record up to 585 hours of SD TV, and record up to six channels at the same time. 


Good news! You can now get up to 3 boxes for your Fetch TV service. Call or chat us here to know more.

Multiroom works on Mighty, Mini, and Gen 2 boxes. With Fetch Multiroom, you can:

  • Share rentals, purchases, and Channel Pack subscriptions
  • Watch different channels in different rooms in your house
  • Watch recordings on one Fetch box from another box in another room. If you have a Mighty or Gen 2 box, you can set and watch recordings on your Mini
Set-up and Activation

It’s easy to set-up your Fetch TV box. Click here to view our set-up guides.

Once your Fetch TV box is connected to the internet, it will prompt to enter the activation code that was sent to your registered mobile and/or e-mail. 

The service will become active once the code has been entered successfully.

Finding your Activation Code

If your Fetch box is set up and working you can find your code at Menu > Manage > Settings > Device Info.

This same code is to be used to activate subsequent boxes added to your account. If you need help in retrieving your activation code, you can chat us here.

User Guides

To learn more about your Fetch TV box, remote, features and functions, visit Fetch website and download the user guide. 

For Multiroom user guide click here

Remote Replacement

Additional/replacement remotes can be ordered at Fetch’s official E-bay Store.

Movie Box

Movie Box brings you 30 movies at any time at no extra cost with a new movie added each day. To view these, go to Menu > Movies > Movie Box

Channel Packs

You can add different Channel Packs in your Fetch subscription for $6.00 (Kids, Knowledge, Vibe or Variety). You can also get all these with the Ultimate Channel pack for only $20.00 – save $4.00).

Learn more about the Channel inclusions here.

Adding/Removing Channels

To add or remove a channel go to Menu > Manage > Subscriptions. Highlight the pack you want to add or remove and press the green button on your remote to subscribe or unsubscribe.

Free-to-air Channels 

You get your Free-to-Air Digital TV channels using your normal TV antenna. They are not delivered over broadband Internet.

You’ll need your existing TV antenna cable connected to your Fetch TV Box to watch Free-to-air channels. 

Changing your Parental PIN

You can change your parental pin via the Apps Setting on your Fetch TV (you can do this on Fetch at Menu > Manage > Settings > User Preferences > PIN Change

You can also login to Fetch website at www.fetchtv.com.au/account/signin. Enter activation code and Pin code. Click Account > Settings > Manage Pin > Enter current Pin > Enter New Pin > Confirm New Pin

You may contact our support team in case of forgotten PIN.


Here are common issues and troubleshooting steps for Fetch TV. If the steps below does not fix the issue, please contact iPrimus for assistance. 

No Internet Connection

If you have a red light on the front of your Fetch box it means that there is no internet connection to the box.

Check that your internet is working and your Wi-Fi network is operational. If you connect by wi-fi go to Menu > Manage > Settings > Network and check that your box is connected to your wi-fi network.

If there are no issues with your connection, try restarting your modem, and then restarting your Fetch box.

Restarting Fetch Box

Your Fetch box will automatically restart itself every couple of days, usually in the early hours of the morning. A restart pulls down the latest available software versions and updates to content and the TV Guide.

A restart also can fix 'glitches' when your Fetch box is behaving a bit strangely.

To restart a box that is working and responsive, press the off button on your remote and then press the blue button to restart.

If your box is non-responsive, you need to turn the power off and then on again to restart the box.

Fetch Box Won’t Setup / Frozen

Make sure your box is hooked up correctly, and has power and internet. 

Check that the power supply unit is correctly connected, and there is power available at the wall power point.

Check that the HDMI connection is secure and the TV is set to the right input source (such as HDMI1 or HDMI2). After re-checking the cabling, turn your Fetch box off and then on again.

Streaming Issue

This usually means that your Fetch box isn't getting any or enough internet connection from your modem.
Check that your internet is working and your Wi-Fi network is operational. If these are working OK then you can usually fix the streaming issue by restarting your modem, and then restarting your Fetch box.

If this does not fix the issue, please contact iPrimus for assistance. 

No Signal / Black Screen

This can mean that there may be an HDMI problem or compatibility issue with your brand of TV. Usually a restart of your Fetch box will fix the issue but if it persists, you may try another HDMI cable / TV. 

  • Make sure that the standby light is ON and in Blue. 
  • Make sure the correct HDMI source is being used. 

Free-to-Air Channels Missing

Restart your Fetch box, then re-scan for Free-to-Air channels by going to Menu > Manage > Settings > Channels > Full Channel Scan.

Make sure your antenna cable is working and check that you have not hidden the channels.

If you are still missing channels, you may try a replacement antenna cable, or bypassing the Fetch box and connecting to your TV directly.

Remote Not Working

If no lights flash on the Fetch remote, try changing the batteries.

Use your remote within 6 metres of your box and make sure there's nothing blocking the signal to the remote sensor on the front of the box.

You can also check for direct sunlight or nearby devices which may be interfering with the infrared signal between your Fetch remote and box.

If your remote is controlling your TV but not your Fetch box, or won't change the volume on your Fetch box, you can reset it back to control your box.

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