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Let's Get Started

The Easiest way to relocate your service is to Log into your iPrimus account toolbox and submit a relocation request, from the side menu.

A moving specialist will arrange the connection of your broadband and phone services to your new home. We will get in touch with you if we require further information.

Alternatively you can also call us on 131 789 to relocate your service.

Time frames

Connection times will depend on the technology type at your new premise and technician availability.

We'll know more about time-frames once your order has been submitted and we'll keep you updated through the process.


More Information

There is no fee to relocate unless your new connection is complicated.

If you are moving into a newly built property, you may be charged:

  • $300 nbn New Development Charge; or
  • Opticomm/Redtrain connection fees (to be discussed by the supplier).

By default, you will be assigned a new phone number.

If you wish to keep the same number, please let us know.

If your new address is connected to another exchange, the number cannot be kept.

We will keep your current plan if it’s available at your new address.

If it’s not available, we’ll get in touch and provide you with alternatives.

Moving home is a great time to review your plan or add new services.    

Due to changes made during your billing cycle, pro-rated charges may appear on your next bill.

  • Anything you’ve paid in advance under your old plan - will be credited back to your account on a pro rata basis.
  • You will be billed one month in advance at the new rate Sometimes changes can take 1 or 2 invoices to reflect accurately on your bill, depending on your billing cycle and when the changes have taken effect    

A technician may need to visit to connect your new service.

  • We’ll let you know by SMS or recorded phone message if a technician is required and if you need to be home to provide access.
  • We’ll give you a date and a four hour window so that you know when you’ll need to be home.
  • The person home during the installation will need to be at least 18 years old and have authorisation to approve any additional fees that may arise.
  • Any additional work done inside your home, may incur extra charges.