Help & Troubleshooting

You could have a line issue, faulty modem or an internal wiring issue. Visit our 'I have no dial tone' troubleshooting page and follow the steps to fix your issue or report a fault.

What happens next?
  • We’ll check things on our end, and see if the issue can be fixed remotely, without having to send a technician out .

  • Our faults team will investigate your case and work to resolve your fault as quickly as possible.

  • If required, we will work with any third-party suppliers to determine the best way to resolve the issue.

Then what?
  • We’ll send you an update via SMS within 24 hours of raising a service fault, where we will either confirm the technician’s appointment, or advise you of the next steps needed to resolve your fault.

Will you call me?
  • We are able to fix most faults remotely and will keep you updated via SMS. However, if the issue is a complex, we may call you to discuss further.

  • If we have organized a technician, they may call you to ensure you are home, and that there are no on-site risks.

We’ll contact you when we have an update available. You can also follow up by getting in touch via Live Chat.

Get in touch

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