ADSL is the traditional broadband internet network in Australia. In works through your phone copper cables. Soon, the ADSL network will be replaced by the nbn™.

ADSL Connection fees range from $59 up to $240 depending if there is an active line on your property. We will send you an SMS to update you on the cost

Viewing your internet usage is available through your iPrimus Account Toolbox.

This amount of data is measured in bytes, kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes.

Data can be transferred in two ways;

  • From the Internet to your computer or device (download – e.g. watching a video online);
  • From your device or computer to the Internet (upload – e.g. uploading pictures to a social media site).

Regardless of how you connect to the internet, all activities, including Uploads and Downloads, contribute to your overall usage.

Below are some general estimates of common amounts of data used for usual internet activity. The guidelines below are only approximate:

Activity type

Measurement of estimated / approximate data used

Internet browsing /surfing

5MB per hour


500KB per email (estimate includes attachments & spam)


2GB per film (avi, mpeg, divx)

Game/Movie Trailers

100MB each

Music tracks

5MB per song (4-5min duration)

Online gaming

15MB per hour

Online radio

Average stream at 128Kbps


850KB per image


2MB per minute

If you’re an existing iPrimus ADSL customer and your home is nbn™ ready, it’s easy to upgrade to the nbn™. There are no fees to upgrade. Call us at 131 789 to get started.

If you’re not an existing customer, you can choose an iPrimus NBN plan here.

Your iPrimus service comes with a leased modem. You’ll receive an SMS from us with tracking information.

It normally takes 2-5 business days to arrive. You can also visit Toll Website to track your delivery.

It should take approximately two weeks for your ADSL internet to be activated. We’ll keep you updated throughout the process.

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