Help & Troubleshooting

Before troubleshooting, you may check Network Status to see if there are any outages or known issues with our network in your area.

If there is no Outage, please check your Account Balance. If it is overdue, as your service may be restricted

If your internet isn’t working, there could be a number of causes. Line issues, faulty modem and internal wiring problems are common causes of internet faults.Troubleshoot and Log a fault online to help fix the problem.

Slow internet can be caused by:

  • Number of users sharing the same connection
  • The type of activities done (streaming, downloading, etc.)
  • Your device type and specifications
  • Your location and distance from the exchange
  • Your network access (NBN, ADSL, Cable, etc.)
  • The quality of the infrastructure
  • Peak and Off-peak periods

To know more about what plan/speed fits your internet needs, you may check nbn™ speeds

You may also check out our DIY 'I am experiencing slow speeds’ troubleshooting page and follow the steps to find out more.

Our Technical Support team may advise Modem or Fetch TV box replacement to fix your issues.

You’ll receive an SMS from us with the tracking information. It normally takes 2-5 business days to arrive and you can visit Toll Website to track your delivery.

The faulty hardware needs to be returned to us via Australia Post. We will send return instructions via SMS. Non-return fee applies if we do not receive your modem in 30 days

We’ll contact you when we have an update available. You can also follow up by getting in touch on live chat.

Your iPrimus Internet and Fetch service comes with a leased hardware. The modem and/or Fetch TV box must be returned to us in case of replacement or cancellation.

  • We will send you an SMS and email with instructions.
  • Please ensure that hardware is complete when returning. The modem must include Ethernet cable, Power Cord, Phone Cord, ADSL Filter/Splitter, and the modem/router. The Fetch TV box must include the remote (batteries removed), power lead (with the power pack), HDMI cable, Ethernet cable, and the set top box.
  • Drop your modem and/or Fetch TV box off to an Australia Post store and give them your return code. Australia Post will organise for your modem to be returned at no cost to you.
  • If you don’t have a code yet, chat us here before you go to Australia Post.
  • Keep your receipt.

Hardware non-return fee applies if we do not receive your hardware within 30 days.

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